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You Know It's Not Helpful

You tell yourself these things shouldn't bother you, but  you dwell on them anyway. And you'd like to stop.

But How Can You?

If you knew how, you would have.  This guide will teach you techniques that will empower you to just let things go.

Tested And Proven

These are not some theoretical  techniques, but ones that have been shown to work again and again. 

Spiritual Human Engineering

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At Spiritual Human Engineering, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal and spiritual development goals.  We apply engineering principles  to develop workshops, online courses, and other tools to help you get there.


"Hi, Larry, I wanted to let you know how much the techniques that you developed and taught us in our Forgiveness workshop have helped me. On a regular daily basis when I find my thinking is "stuck" on a thought or event from the past or present, that is no longer helpful, I use one of the techniques to get more appropriate perspective on the thought and I'm moving beyond it faster! "

Dr. Jeanne Windsor
Board Cerified Family Pracitioner

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